Vendor Finance Service

What is Vendor Finance?

Vendor finance is a relationship between a supplier, potential customer and finance source, that allows the supplier to introduce a finance solution at the point of sale of their product. CMF work regularly with a number of equipment suppliers on a regular basis, in a range of industries from aesthetic, laser, cosmetic and dental technology to the leisure industry.

What is the advantage of Vendor Finance for my business?

The major advantage of vendor finance lies in the ability for a supplier to make a sale that may have been more costly for their customers, or indeed not possible, increasing their ability to sell their product. The finance broker (CMF) can access funding from a wide range of UK lenders, putting a solution in place which serves all parties, and is often a very appealing alternative to bank lending in terms of tax efficiency and savings.

Over the years CMF have continued to work directly with many suppliers, through the nurturing of good value, customer focused deals, and a tailored individual approach which gives the best value for all in terms of vendor finance. This has been the case so much so that in 2016 we have made this process between ourselves and trusted clients more efficient through the usage of a mobile / tablet based app that makes it even easier to offer a funding solution to your clients and cuts down on processing time between all parties involved.

If you are a supplier of a product and wish to discuss the details surrounding vendor finance, what it means, and how it could benefit your business please give one of our vendor finance team a call direct on 01928 739 712. We will talk you through the processes involved in setting up a vendor finance solution with us, and discuss in detail the benefits for you, your business and most importantly, your customers.

You can also apply to use our vendor finance app here.


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