Work in progress finance

For many businesses, it’s often the case that long term works in progress (WIP) create a cash flow bottleneck, and result in a lack of working capital for the company. For instance, a legal firm may have to work a number of cases over a lengthy period of time, meaning payment is tied up and the business suffers due to poor cash flow. That’s why finance for work in progress can be a valuable lifeline for many.

Working capital financing

Finance for work in progress – also sometimes referred to as invoice finance or working capital finance – provides a powerful cash injection into a business, enabling them to unlock capital and improve cash flow. Working capital finance can sometimes be essential in order to keep a business ticking over and avoid falling into financial difficulty.

Working capital loans can be suitable for a range of different businesses, such as law firms, accountants, agencies, and virtually any other company who may operate on an invoicing basis, or have finance tied up due to long term work in progress.

Working capital business loan from CMF

Here at CMF, we can organise funding against your business’s work in progress, so that you can improve cash flow. We may offer a solution alongside your bank lending to help balance your business’s finances, and enable growth and development.

CMF have a facility that allow work in progress balances to be converted into cash, improving your cash flow and allowing you to invest in other areas of business development. If you think that working capital finance could be what your business needs, then get in touch with Corporate and Medical Finance today.

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We are an asset finance company that offers a personal service and excellent rates on finance.
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