What is the advantage of Vendor Finance for my business?

The major advantage of vendor finance lies in the ability for a supplier to make a sale. This increases their ability to sell their product. We can access funding from a wide range of UK lenders, putting a solution in place which serves all parties, and is often a very appealing alternative to bank lending in terms of tax efficiency and savings.

Over the years CMF have continued to work directly with many suppliers. Through the nurturing of good value, customer focused deals, and a tailored individual approach we can add value to your business.

Key features:

  • We work with equipment suppliers in all sectors, to offer their clients competitive funding solutions
  • Increase sales and remove affordability barriers
  • Higher certainty over prompt and full invoice payment
  • With 20 years’ experience and access to a wide diverse range of banks and lenders – we rarely say no to any application


What’s the next step?

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